Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Saturday the 4th - Not a very fun day

Saturday we awoke in our apartment from hell (what I wouldn't give to be back at our Kunming hotel!) and found that Daisy had gotten hives in the night (french fry cooked in peanut oil?) and scratched her arm till it bled.  She is an itchy little thing and I wonder what scabies looks like?  I am trying to google it but with no luck on this slow connection.  If it doesn't get better I will have to put the toxic scabies cream on her.

I really didn't sleep because it was hot and my arms kept going numb from the hard bed.  That and Daisy waking up a lot.

We had to be on the island at 9:00 to meet Eva for some paperwork and a medical exam to get Daisy her visa to come to America.  We left Sharon and Zack at the apartment and told them they would have to find their own breakfast, which they found at a quickie mart down the street.  Yum.

Our taxi ride took about 20 minutes to the island (with me crying most of the way) and we met another family who Eva is also guiding for.  They are with our same agency and live in Eagle Mountain.  The wife happens to teach at Waterford School so we know some of the same people.  They also have an 8 year old boy who they brought to China and are adopting a 4.5 year old boy.  The bunch of us set off for the medical exam which was very simple and non-invasive and we were done pretty quick.  Daisy did make quite a fuss though, she didn't like being examined. (By the way she is the cutest baby we have seen!)

The island is like heaven on earth.  Trees everywhere, clean and pretty with nice colonial buildings and nice hotels and restaurants and shops.  Why oh why did we not stay here!?

After, Eva told us she was taking us to the pearl market.  We were hesitant to go because we had left Sharon and Zack and we were thinking about getting a different hotel and needed to get everything squared away.  She seemed disappointed, but took off with our new friends.  (We later found out that she gets a cut of all sales so that would be why she wanted us to come so bad.)

We went back to the apartments and I lost my mind for a while.  Steve took Sharon, Zack and Daisy out to find lunch and the store we never found while I had a nap and a good cry.  As I was sleeping I heard a knock, which I ignored.   Then I heard some people enter the apartment and go in the bathroom.  They started clanking around with something (the toilet?) and they were clearly smoking.  After a long while they left.  Weird.

We decided that even though this place would not give us our money back (we prepaid, duh!) we were going to find a new place.  It wasn't worth me loosing my mind.  (I admit I am such a wimp!  And a princess.)  We took a taxi to the island and found a great hotel with soft beds (we made them take us to a room to check before we committed).  Unfortunately they couldn't get us a room until the next day.  We ate at a Thai place next door and then went back to the ick for one more night.  Zack and Steve went to the swimming pool and had a good time.  Poor Zack, he is so sad when I cry and I haven't been able to stop today!  He needed to have some fun.

SQID! Strange for a picky eater like him to like seafood so much!  

At The Bridge and Cow restaurant on Shamien Island.

The other thing I have not mentioned that was adding stress was the fact that Daisy was not a big fan of me. I was prepared to have her reject one of us (this is quite common) for a while but it turned out to be harder on me than I thought it would be.  She was all smiles and giggles for everyone else but she barely tolerated me and often tried to hit, pinch and scratch me.  Steve was the only one who could comfort her and I usually did things that made her mad (wipe nose, change diaper, etc.).  It was very frustrating and just added to my already stressed state, even though I knew she would come around and she probably just didn't trust female caregivers.  Why would she?  They have all left her.

At least the pool was nice! And Steve and Zack made some friends.

During the night while I was asleep the broken A/C unit (which we were running because it was better than nothing at all) started dripping on my head.  A lot.  I put a towel down, and switched my head to the bottom of the bed.  Good night!

Help, my mom is loosing her mind!


Tiffany said...

Oh Deidra! I am laughing and crying for you all at the same time. It sounds pretty ridiculous. Keep your head up, it will all be over sometime soon. And Daisy is absolutely worth it! And so is getting to know her culture and her background (easy for me to say, huh?!). Just think of all the stories you will have to share when she gets older!

IndyGo Wylde said...

I work for a dermatologist, and have a good idea of what scabies looks like. If she still has the rash, I could take a peek and let you know if I think it's a contagious thing or a reaction kind of thing. If it's scabies, you could all get it and it's not fun to have, but easy to treat.

Deidra said...

Thanks Indy but she only had hives twice and never any other kind of rash. She just scratches at herself alot. But...she has mostly stopped that since we came home so I think it was a nervous thing.

Angela Maddock said...

So glad you found another hotel and got out of that dive! Hope you and Daisy are bonding better. :) Glad you are home. Talk to you soon! Angela