Friday, June 24, 2011

Things about Daisy...

I want to keep a record of things Daisy does and says and I am behind.  This is all stuff from when we first met her in China.

Daisy looooves Steve.  She gives him lots of smiles and giggles.  He can do no wrong.  Even if he scolds her she just smiles at him.  He is the only one who can calm her down when she is mad (usually because of something I've done like wipe her nose or change her diaper!)

For the first two days if we tried to set her down she would just buckle her legs.  Then she just started walking!  It seems like she hasn't been walking very long though.  She is still a bit unstable and has no idea that you can fall down stairs.  She does not prefer to crawl at all.

The sound she makes most of the time is Ba.  She says Ba Ba a lot which is Chinese for daddy, although we are not sure if she is referring to Steve or if that is the only sound she says.  She also says shhh when she sees fish or snakes (we taught her this one!).  When she is mad she yells BA! really loud.

She looooooves to eat.  She mostly likes to eat whatever we are eating.  Don't try and eat in front of her or she goes crazy and demands to have some too.  She likes the jar baby food with rice powder in it, but doesn't love the fruit ones.  She loves those Gerber puffs and they will make her stop crying every time.  But as soon as we put them away she gets really mad so we have to have another distraction.  She likes to feed herself and make a mess.

She will only drink formula from a bottle.  We have tried sippy cups, straws and plain old cups but she can't quite do it yet, she gets choked up on the fluid.  She also hates fruit juice.  She will however drink a little water from a straw that we put in her mouth that already has water in it.  But she spits most of it out.  She takes FOREVER to drink a 4 oz bottle.  Like 45 minutes.  But she is getting faster.

She loves playing with the stacking cups we brought.  She could play with those all day.

She loves her shoes and always wants to put them on.  She also likes to eat them.

She HATES blankets.  Do not try to put a blanket on her, even if she is asleep, she will wake up and get mad and kick it off.  Good thing we brought warm pajamas.

She scratches herself a lot, like she is itchy, but there is usually no rash.  Seems to be she does it when she is stressed or really hot.  She doesn't like to be hot.

She sits still for me to do her hair, for the most part.  She also doesn't cry if I tug on it a little.

She loves to point things out that she sees.  She is constantly going around pointing at things with her little pointer finger.  Sometimes she whispers about what she is seeing.

She is very friendly to strangers (typical behavior for children who have been institutionalized, but it will be interesting to see if this is the reason or if it is her personality.  We'll have to see what happens when she is fully attached to us).  She is always waving and smiling at everyone and wants to stop and talk to everyone.

She is not overly sensitive.  If you tell her no, she either stops or ignores you but she doesn't get offended and cry.

She loves her belly button and showed it to us right away.  The boys immediately made a game of pushing her button and saying "ping pong" and she can't get enough of that.

She has 8 little teeth, 4 on top, 4 on bottom. Coming through immigration she was screaming so vigorously with her mouth wide open I saw a new tooth coming in on the top left side toward the back.  No wonder her nose is running and she drools constantly (that and the cold she has).

She likes men better than women.  I think it's a trust thing.

When she is mad, she will hit, scratch and pinch me.  She also does this thing where she flings her whole body backward and has hit her head a couple of times when I was not prepared.  She also noodles her whole body and lifts up her arms if she doesn't want to be held, so she then slips out of your grasp if you're not careful.  She is quite the little firecracker!

She loves to play in the toilet.  Ooops.  OK, it's only happened twice and I think we learned our lesson.  The lid stays down!  Boy is she quick though!

She is so pretty!  We have the cutest little girl ever!

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Angela Maddock said...

I love the picture of Daisy in the tub! She is BEAUTIFUL! It was great to hear all about her. Sounds like she is keeping you very busy. :)