Friday, June 24, 2011

Zack Says...

**When we were coming through customs in San Francisco it was taking a long time and Daisy had reached her limit.  I was holding her in the carrier strapped onto me and she was screaming and yelling like crazy.  We had tried everything but she was just mad.  Zack and my mom had gone through customs and were waiting a short distance away.  I could see Zack getting upset over there and could tell he was just mortified.  When we finally got through, he walked up to me in tears and said "Lets just take her back to Kunming!  I am so embarrassed, everyone is staring!"  He was dead serious about taking her back!  It was all Steve and I could do to not laugh out loud, but he was in such a state we didn't think that would be helpful.

**The other day in the car Zack looked over at Daisy being nice and quiet and he said: "I bet Daisy speaks Chinese in her mind."

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