Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Busy Boy

Before school got out the kindergarten had a rodeo. The kids made horses out of socks and yard sticks and then they took turns "riding" the horses around barrels for all the parents. They came up one by one and performed. I kept waiting for Zack's group to have their turn and suddenly it was over. All the kids had gone up. All except mine. I was so sad. He is just so shy and scared of being laughed at that he didn't think he could do it, so he just sat there. Well, he looked cute anyway.

Kindergarten graduation day

Zack is really into webkins. He buys them whenever he saves enough money. Then he takes their pictures. These ones are named: Bob, RoRo and Boue.

Zack's cute friends. They just got done making their hair "crazy" and then went out on the tramp.

Zack did baseball this spring. He really enjoyed it and we are going to do it again this fall. I think this is one area that he doesn't take after me. He is really good at sports.

He did get a little bored in the outfield and kept throwing his mitt in the air and catching it.

Waiting for some action.


Jude said...

What a cutie! Katie is WAY into Webkinz too. She saves up for them and I cave and buy one when I really need to bribe her with something!

Valerie S said...

Well, I see that Zach plays outfield like his Uncle Mike. Does Zach also lay down and look at the sky? Kindergarten granduation is so cute I think.

Tom said...

I'll have to remember the sock/yard stick idea. That is great. Can you believe you are going to have a first grader!?