Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Camping Fun

Our little family went camping just outside of Moab at the beginning of May. We spent some time exploring the Needles district of Canyonlands. Steve loves the desert, luckily for Deidra it wasn't too hot! Here are some pictures I just got around to downloading off our camera. More to come! (I've been a total slacker the last month and a half.)

Our cozy campsite at the Windwhistle campground. Zack's favorite thing to do is go to bed in the tent. He never even wanted to stay up and sit by the fire for more than 10 minutes. And he likes his marshmallows raw.

There was a really neat overlook a few miles from our campsite. You could see for miles and miles and it was deliriously high. Even though there was a fence all around, I kept having visions of Zack falling through a gap or something. It made me really nervous but all he wanted to do was run around and throw rocks off the edge.

The "Needles"

Zack wanted to catch a lizard so bad. He and Steve cornered this one and then Steve talked him into letting it bite his finger. Poor lizard! Zack couldn't stop giggling.

We found some Indian art panels. This is called Newspaper Rock.

Steve and Zack climbing a cliff. Boys have to climb everything!

This was our favorite hike. It took us through an old cowboy camp, a cave that the Indians used, and then up some ladders to the cliffs the Indians lived on.

Same cave with some rock art.

Zack and Steve climbed to this arch which is just south of Moab.


Becca Jo said...

I would like to copy this vacation! please e-mail me details (hike names, camping spots)so that I can. I'm kind of kidding but not really. E-mail me.

Valerie S said...

It was fun to see your pictures. We did a road trip a couple of years ago and saw some of the same things you have on your blog. It was a great trip. Zach is getting so tall. I meant to tell you that the other day when you were over.